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Detailed Home Watch Services:

Our accredited home watch professional will execute a visual inspection your home or property looking for obvious issues. 

Exterior Home Checks we look for obvious damage or unsafe conditions in the:

  • Driveway, walkways and gates, exterior walls, windows, doors, gutters and soffit
  • Pool cages, screened-in patios, porches, and lanais
  • Visual check of the roof (from the ground) checking for obvious damage, tree limbs, etc.
  • Pool and Spa checking for Pump and filter leaks as well as the general appearance and cleanliness of the pool as well as the water level and water flow
  • Perimeter walls and fences
  • Yard or patio furniture
  • Pest or rodent damage and or bird and insect nests
  • Broken windows/doors damage, due to vandalism, forced entry, unusual markings
  • Landscaping general overview, looking for obvious issues like dead or struggling plants or dried out lawns, overgrown plants, and obvious drainage issues.
  • Electrical breaker panel looking for tripped breakers
  • Address sign looking for missing address numbers on the house, door, mailbox, etc.
  • Remove junk mailers/flyers from mailbox, driveway, and front door
  • Bring any package or personal mail inside the home.
  • Lights on an automatic timer for coach or porch lights

Interior Home Checks we look for obvious damage or unsafe conditions in these areas:

  • Security system is operational if activated.
  • Check all ceilings, room corners, and baseboards for signs of water damage/intrusion or moisture.
  • Signs of pests and insects.
  • Electrical items left ON.
  • Doors and windows locked and secured.
  • Unusual noises and odors.
  • Check for open bags of food such as cereal, chips, etc., that can attract bugs.
  • Run water in sinks, run the sink/garbage disposal looking for leaks
  • Look for obvious issues like the faucet dripping, leaks, slow drains.
  • Check for toilets that run continuously
  • HVAC systems (heater, air conditioner, thermostat)
  • Check Hot Water heater for leaks or signs of rust
  • Confirm Hot Water heater is in Vacation Mode or OFF, or client’s desired setting.
  • Check and notate the temperature in the Refrigerator/Freezer. Ice maker should be in the OFF position.
  • Stored vehicles should be set with a battery maintainer/tender.
  • Check stored vehicles for appearance, flat tires, surface mold, etc.

Home Watch Visit Report

For our clients we create a Home Watch Report using software provided by HomeWatch IT. This customized report includes our extensive checklist of items as well as any custom requests. The Home Watch Visit Report captures GPS coordinates as well as time and date stamps, should an insurance carrier request them.

Our clients receive a digital report via email that shows that each item has been checked. We include pictures and communicate with our clients if there are any issues at the property that need immediate attention.

Tarpon Springs Home Watch checking breaker panel
Home Arrival Prep Services in Tampa Bay FL
tarpon springs home watch checking for leaks
tarpon springs checking thermostat temperature

Residential Key Holder or Key Holding Services:

We offer residential key holder or key holding services to our home watch clients and for those who would like to have local 24/7 contact representative for their property.

  • We securely store our clients home key(s), alarm security codes, gate codes, etc.
  • We offer 24/7 Alarm call service and other Emergency call services.
  • We can be available to meet and give access to client-approved vendors, contractors, delivery companies, and guests.
  • We also offer wait services where our staff will be present while services are being performed and secure our clients home upon completion.


Hurricanes and Storms:

We offer Pre-storm property checks, to secure loose items, plants, outdoor furniture, etc.

  • We will take photos of interior and exterior of the property
  • We can hang storm shutters: separate agreement required and dry run must be performed.

We offer Post-storm property checks, once it is deemed safe for us to travel.

  • We will take Post-storm photos of interior and exterior of the property
  • We can perform Post-storm cleanup for small debris: tree branches, etc.
  • We can remove storm shutters: separate agreement required and dry run must be performed.

Concierge Services:

Customized to meet our client’s needs.

  • We can make arrangements for landscaping, pool services, pressure washing
  • We can serve as our clients 24/7 local Alarm company contact
  • We offer Irrigation system monitoring
  • We can perform basic irrigation repairs for heads and sprayers.
  • We can perform basic tree or bush trimming where a ladder is not required.
  • We offer mulch, bush, flower installations
  • Mail and or package forwarding
  • Start and idle vehicle(s)
  • Much, much, more..

Home Arrival Prep Services

We offer arrival services to help make your arrival back home as pleasant and easy as possible.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • setting the proper temperature in the home
  • turning on lights
  • opening window treatments
  • replacing air conditioning filters
  • removing storm shutters
  • draining old water out of the hot water heater
  • resetting appliance clocks
  • moving outdoor furniture back outside
  • and any other special requests our clients might have.

Home Departure Prep Services

We have an extensive checklist on how to best close down your Florida property for the season. We are available to assist you with the close down process, please view our checklist document which serves as a general guide as well.

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